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Is this even cricket? huh?

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Anderson, representing Cleveland County Cricket Club, launched a brutal assault on Willow Cuts Cricket Club batsman George O'Brien while wicket-keeping during the Champion of Champions final at the St David's Cricket Club Ground 10 days ago.

The fight turned ugly after Anderson remonstrated Brien between overs with both players wrestling each other to the ground. Anderson went as far as kicking the batsman. Fellow players and officials rushed to calm them down but the damage was done by then.

Oh yeah saw this - lol so much for "gentleman's game"

It's the same as the recent badminton game that went the wrong way.

For whatever reason they start these fights, there only ever gonna end up banned. And then regretting it in 20 years when they can no longer play the sport there good at.

It's just a club game after all  :D.. Wish their main career was taken as seriously as this as well  :D

All leagues and clubs need to have a zero tolerance policy Anyone who behaves in this manner should be banned for life then taken to court and sued for assault.


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