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Jimmy Adams takes over

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Thought it a bit odd JA left Kent pretty quickly, I thought he said personal reasons

but just now on BBC he is taking over as director of cricket for WI

Is this the ultimate in impossible jobs?

for as long as I can remember the board and the players have been at each others throat

and I cannot find anything that warranted Phil Simmons getting sacked.

It's all a right mess and to think some of us grew up watching arguably the best test side ever.

Forget the Aussies and their claims to be the best, WI in the 80's were untouchable.


no offence to our Aussie members

No argument here   they were massive   totally dominated that era

to be fair, you can only really compare in your own era, who know what cricket was like in the 50's or even 60's

The Australian team I spend so much time watching from about 2000 onwards was a superb side.Probably second only to the Windies team earlier.

Border, Mark Taylor and then Steve Waugh turned them into one of the best sides ever (IMHO)

Carl Hooper will be coach of WI in a few years.

At least what's left of his hair is already grey.


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