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adb club cricketer:
Puma Evopower SE Edition: 947 grams

adb club cricketer:
Puma evospeed 2, youth size: 640 grams

Gray  Nics Powerbow 750  each pad 567g

adb club cricketer:

--- Quote from: DorsetDan on January 21, 2017, 08:56:47 PM ---Probably helpful to update the OP as new weights come in as it will be a pain to search through the thread.

Also would be good to account for variation between pads and keep a note of how many pads were weighed to come up with that value, ie, 722 g (average 2 weighed) and add to it as more are weighed.

As a recovering MTB weight weenie, kitchen scales don't cut it either as they are often weigh off in their readings (boom tish) ;)

--- End quote ---

Good idea to keep adding to Original Post as it will reduce search burden/make more user friendly. As for posting the average weight, most pads weight diff will be off by few 10s of grams between left and right pads, so folks will know it is an approximate weight which is good enough I guess. At end of day we want to keep it simple to those adding. So either pad weight or average weight is fine.

Will post a summary current list of weights so far below.

adb club cricketer:
Here is summary so far. Please add your entry to below list when you post (just to make it easier to search).

SS Test opener Mens size: 830 grams
SS Test Opener Youth size : 724 grams
SG Litevate pads: 818 grams each pad
BDM Admiral Super test pads: 740 grams each pad
Kookaburra Rogue 650 pads: 818 each pad
SG RSD Prolite Youths pads: 680 grams each pad
Ten star pads: 780 grams each pad
SG Hilite pads: 828 grams each pad
GN Prestige: 926gms per pad
GN Supernova 900:  860gms.
PRYZM Cricket pads : 760g
Charlie French PPR1 - 937g each
Reaper R1 - 974g each
Aldred - 959g each
Red Ink X1 - 869g each
Reaper R2 (not traditional looking though) - 656g each
Helygen Momentum - 988g each
GN Legend: 908 grams
GN Omega 1500: 883 grams
Bradbury players: 837 grams
M&H Distinction (old style) 929g
H4L Custom 1029g
Puma evospeed 2, youth size: 640 grams
Puma Evopower SE Edition: 947 grams
Gray  Nics Powerbow 750  each pad 567g
GM OLE pads 1040g each


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