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Biggie Smalls:
...i say Star Wars themed , more Princess Leia themed ( with cameos from Boba Fett , R2 ,a stormtrooper , and that 'fraggle rock' looking little dude that sits at Jabba's side ).....

In October i ordered an outer and inner thigh pad , arm guard and chest guard from George at s.f . At first I looked at pics from other forum posts re what could be done graphics wise and found some inspiration  (i think it was a set made for walkingwicket , but i could be wrong) . I sent George an email and some pics and asked if they could be printed on the pads . Turns out they could . I printed off the template sheets and drew crude , rough drawings of picture placements etc . After maybe 20 or so emails ( George is so patient and helpful !) they were done and i received them in late November .
I was so happy with them that i decided to get a second full set . So I started the same process again . The second set was in George's own words 'probably the most involved set I've done' . I don't doubt him .
Half way through the second set being made Carrie Fisher passed away (r.i.p ) . George contacted me ( very thoughtful ) and asked me if i wanted to continue /change anything etc . I added 'Carrie Fisher 1956-2016' to the outer thigh pad  ( im glad i did proceed with them as now i have a lasting tribute /reminder/momento of my first movie hero inspiration , my first movie star crush , the first kick-ass chick i ever saw , rolemodel for people that have suffered similar life difficulties , cool actor /person etc ).
Anyway , I recieved the second set a couple weeks ago .
George was a bit disappointed and very apologetic because the print /pics were so demanding that the front velcro black turned out a bit brownish ( he'd be able to fill you in on the exact reasons /process involved etc ) . I think they still look awesome and am really happy with them . So was George , regarding the inner and outer thigh pad . But the chesty was a bit too brown for his perfectionist approach to getting it right /customer service etc . He's such a craftsman with such high standards that he offered for me to keep the original and make me a new one too -he's said he will keep experimenting until he gets this colour and picture print exactly right and send me the successful result (what a champion huh !?! ).
Through the whole process George was a total professional and absolute gent .....everything other people say about how good he is to deal with is true .
The pads themselves are 5mm bigger than the standard mens template on all except the arm guards which are the template size mens exactly .
I love these pads more than any non-bat cricket gear I have ever owned . They look so good in the flesh ....ive worn them a couple times at training and clubmates haven't stopped talking about them .
I guess these pads won't be to everybody's taste , but to me they rock ! But most people should be able to appreciate what went into them , how original they are , and be inspired by them re just what could be done using their imagination for their own tastes .
Anyone thinking 'geez they're a bit full on to be wearing on the outside of shorts at training etc'  - fair enough i suppose .... but i thought of that and i think i have the best of both worlds . I bought new compression shorts especially to wear batting with these pads . If there are kids , sensitive types etc at training then i don't have to show them off using straps/wearing them on the outside . I just can use them strapless under the compression shorts (which is how i will be wearing them in games anyway ) . Speaking of which , these pads are so comfortable wearing with straps ( they move less then anything else ive worn / better fit etc ) , but wearing them under compression shorts the comfort is insanely good -anyone with strettons who's not tried it should try it because it's a dream !

I haven't ever posted pics on the forum before , so cut me some slack - the photobucket share links were the best i could manage ! ;) ;). Hopefully they work well enough that you actually get to see the pads ! ... if so , enjoy .

First set of outer and inner thigh guards :

First arm guard , chest guard , bag :

2nd set of outer and inner thigh guards :

2nd chesty , arm guard , bag :

Examples of template drawings i sent to George to communicate pic positions etc :

Can't see the pics unfortunately @Biggie Smalls .

If you copy the share link from photobucket into the square brackets for image not hyperlink that should work.

Biggie Smalls:
Just relooked at this post and pic links worked for me . Can anyone else see the pics yet ?

Works fine for me pal


Just to clarify, clicking on the links to view the pics works, they aren't visible in the post itself.

Biggie Smalls:

--- Quote from: northernboy1987 on February 23, 2017, 03:13:43 PM ---Works fine for me pal


Just to clarify, clicking on the links to view the pics works, they aren't visible in the post itself.

--- End quote ---

Yeah i get that , cheers ......links is as good as my incompetence could hope for !  ;) :)


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