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My First set of Strettons

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Always fancied a set so took the plunge. Decided to get my children's names on the lining and my initials on the outer face. George was excellent to deal with and i'm very happy with the end result!

Love those mate! Great idea with the kids names!

Enjoy them, they really are amazing pads and you'll barely notice they are there.

Ayrtek Cricket:
On my 2nd pair now as I wanted some colour adjustments and they are a great bit of kit that show barley any signs of use after 3 seasons now.

Biggie Smalls:
@JB . Nice, simple , meaningful . Just wondering how easy is was to contact George /how quickly they got made for you ? ( i was trying a while back with no luck ).

I sent George an email and he replied quite quickly. He is a really busy man but replies always within a day or two. I did a bit of the concept in Microsoft word and sent it across. Maybe a month in total from start to finish @Biggie Smalls


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