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Hi everyone thought I'd start topic for photos of how people strap up there Strettons. Appreciate there similar topics but most of the photos now don't load. ill post how i do mine when I'm home my new year but below is screenshot of the design i went for. Really happy with the look and protection added a hip protector, find getting pinned flush on the hip bone nearly as painful as one in the crown jewels.

I strap mine in the usual fashion, one long band around the waist and then one each around both thighs..... I didnít realise there was an art to this strapping?

Did you change the shape or get the standard stock shape?

From memory think my shape was the usual mens size but with the extra hip protector.

Usually one acros the top. The X strap on the inner thigh and 2 on the outer thigh

How did you get hold of extra straps just ask George or can you find them online?


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