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Thought i'd share this video here as its crazy to see how far i've come in the last year!
The first 30 seconds or so of this video (when im in a white shirt) is from this time last year
The last 30 seconds in a blue shirt is yesterday

The season before that first video i was averaging 6.22, and then this year i averaged 22.5.

I've worked hard on getting myself at the ball and not being scared of it (you can see i was terrified of the ball in the first video)

I still have a lot to work on: not letting my bottom hand take over, not dragging it from outside off to legside, trying to move my feet outside off a bit more

But overall i thought it would be interesting to show what 2 hours of batting practice a week does for a year!

Well done mate great stuff to see that massive improvement

Where are you based

This is why I come on the forum, fantastic improvement. Keep it up 👍

@NT50 great progress there. what did you do through the year, what kind of plan did  you follow?

Wow! Huge improvement mate! Good lesson for all the youngsters, hard work and perseverance always pay off.


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