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Who has THE WORST style of appealing?

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I think it has to be Sarfaraz Ahmed.

I am not sure if he knows the actual words "How was that?" or "How is that?" or "Howzat?".

while jumping up and down, all he hysterically yells and screams is  "UUAAAAHHHHHHHH UUAAHHHHHHHH UAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Stuart broad, just runs to gully wagging his finger then turns round, shouts what and puts his hand to his mouth in shock that he even had to ask.

Don’t know about worst, but my favourite is a team from Leicester. Leicester Caribbean, the wicket keeper puts both arms up and bellows ‘umpiiiiiirrre!’ In the strongest West Indian accent you can imagine.

Most of the Asian teams like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have that really annoying aargh, aaaarrrgghhh, aaaarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh sound. Mushfiqur and Kamran Akmal are two that spring to mind straight away

You're definitely right about Stuart Broad as well, I find it really disrespectful of him the way he celebrates before any decision had been given. Just let the umpires umpire and you concentrate on your bowling Stuart.

Sam Curran is a prime celebrapeal candidate...


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