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Red Ink Cricket:
Iíve been doing a clear out in the workshop and have a load of duplicates. Just thought Iíd offer them here first to see if anyone is interested. Will add pics and confirm prices if there is any interest

Heels shaves- got about 5 or 6 of these with various curve blades. Very good tools for concaving
Round bottom planes - again Iíve got 5 or 5@6 of these of various sizes and curves
Draw knives - 1-2 of these, just need to find the other one I have.
Wooden block planes- 2-3 of these in various sizes

Any questions then give me a shout

hi john. would like a heel shave and a draw knife please. a round bottom plane too

I'd be interested in a heel shave and or round bottom plane. How much do you want for them?

Hi John

I may be interested in a heel shave too. You got more details?



Hi John

I'd be interested in a round bottom plane, a heel shave and possibly a draw knife.

Cheers Chris


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