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Test Cricket in 2018... the stats


six and out:
An interesting read about 2018's test cricket (also a bit on ODI and T20I).

It shows how much ball was above bat this year, but it credits the bowlers and talks about the pitches, rather than shoddy batting.

The batsmen averaged 26.29 runs per dismissal which is the lowest in a calendar year since 1959.

The top seven averaged just 31.46, it has recently been over 35.

71 five-wicket hauls in 2018 is the most ever in a calendar year in the 141-year old history of Test cricket.

It also mentions that more away teams have won more tests on or away from the sub-continent then ever before.

2018 saw the least draws ever as well, only 5 tests were drawn all year!

Link below -

Not surprised at all about the number of draws given the high scoring rates and increased bowling strike rates.  Knew Mendis had had a decent year, but hadn't realised quite how good he'd been.


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