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Washing your strettons

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Hi guys
Just wondering how or if you guys tend to wash your thigh pads? I see on the video George said to put them in pillow case when washing them but does this change the shape of the pads at all? As it took awhile to get them the way I like. And what sort of temp would you set the washing machine to? Would 40 degrees be ok?

I had to double check I'd logged into CBF, not, when I read this thread... ;) :D

I tired there but they think a Stretton Fox is something completely different ha


--- Quote from: DorsetDan on March 27, 2019, 09:05:48 PM ---First how do I wash my gloves, now how do I wash my thigh pad :D They argue worse than us on mumsnet too so best stay off there

--- End quote ---

Haha you know me mate I like to keep my kit as clean as possible that is all - not OCD at all - nope not me ha

Seeing as this topic never got a sensible answer... does anybody know the best way to approach washing strettons?



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