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Anyone know where George is ?

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Hi folks,

Does anyone know is George is okay? I was emailing him a while back and he mentioned some health problems and asked me to email back in about a month.

I have and itís been a few weeks now - Iím not too bothered about a reply just wanted to check if anyone knew he was okay? Iíve got my fingers crossed he is just really busy!

If youíre reading this George then all the best!

More importantly anyone know where my strettons are as some pond life knicked them the other week 😡

Mel Jessop:
Just seen him on Dragons den, anybody else see it?

Yeah I did - I thought it was him

Well now we no lol


--- Quote from: Mel Jessop on September 22, 2019, 07:18:48 PM ---Just seen him on Dragons den, anybody else see it?

--- End quote ---

What was he pitching, and did he get an investment from one of the Dragons?


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