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Anyone know where George is ?

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Mel Jessop:
He was pitching the cycle helmet he mentioned awhile back, but no investment.

Was a bike helmet, remember buzz mentioning it. Didnít get the investment but I think the product will go far. Can find the episode on iplayer

Just seen this. This looks an amazing product but not sure that was put across as forcefully as it could have been to the Dragons. I'm sure it will be successful though, great innovation! Really admire what George does.

Is this the same tech which George was looking at for the thin thigh guards I wonder?

Bought some additional velcro straps from George the other day. All very painless, he answered my emails, I paid him some money, the straps arrived.  Couldn't ask for more! :)

Yep whenever I've enquired he seems like a really nice bloke. His passion really came across too and he was more than helpful.


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