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I'm looking to get a new bat, mine's rubbish but it's all I could afford at the time. Fed up with it now though!

The reviews for Red Ink bats look great, my budget still isn't high though so I was wondering what the difference between x3 and x2 was?

I've heard people say before that willow grade is pretty much just a cosmetic thing and the performance is based on the pressing and skill of the bat-maker. John seems like one of the best so I imagine the x3's are still pretty awesome.

I play a good standard so I want a decent bat, I cant really afford to go over 200/210 though cause unfortunately I'm not the most well-off cricketer you're likely to meet.

Anyone who's got experience with the bats who has some advice would be most welcome!

Yes, contact John before people start shouting GM Signature at you. He's a nice guy and the sort of independent batmaker we should be supporting. I'm sure he'd make you something very decent at an affordable

Red Ink Cricket:
I press each cleft to get the most out of each one so buying a lower grade doesnít mean an inferior product, just one that suits you budget. Drop me a pm and we can discuss options for you

Iíve had a couple of clefts from John - both really well pressed and, aesthetically at least, very well graded.

At least grade 2


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