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Full re-launch in 2020, retail fully mouldable body armour, starts here on CBF

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StrettonFox Sports:
Hi everyone,

Not sure where to start as I appreciate everything went very quiet over the last 2 years. There's been a run-in with health, as well as a second project taking up a lot of time. To everyone who's been in touch, thank you ever so much for your kind patience. I sincerely hope that this post should start to get some excitement back in the camp!

I've not mentioned this anywhere officially yet, the first news is on the CBF because you are all brilliant and when the business first started years ago, likewise, it started here!


After 4 years of development, thinking it was ready, then realising it wasn't, false starts etc... It's now ready for the 2020 season.

Within the next 3 months, Stretton Fox is releasing on a global scale to retailers in all cricket continents, the first-ever fully mouldable thigh pads.

10mm thick, ambidextrous, and the party piece is a clever feature allowing anyone anywhere to mould them directly to their body. Big or small, everyone gets a close and comfortable fit from an "of the shelf" range of armour. Pricing will also be the same as regular retail thigh pads rather than the slightly prohibitive bespoke cost of having them made individually.

- There will be 3 sizes of thigh pad sets, fitting from 4'10'' up to 6'3''
- Chest guards
- Armguards
- Keeper/fielding pads

Over the next month, I'll be releasing photos and more information on this range. It's wonderful to be back!

Very best regards to you all,


Looking forward to seeing the keeping pads and thigh guard!

George, Yay!

This sounds amazing George! Put me down for one of each, I'm sold!!  :D

Thanks for the update, can't wait to see a genuinely innovative product coming to market.

Come on @Buzz - you must be all over this like Trump on a Ukranian!!


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