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So a few months back I asked if anyone was selling a root profile as I fancied trying it.
John at red ink replied and said why not have one made, so I did.
I asked for:
Shorter blade-long handle
2.10-2-12 (more bothered about pick up than the dead weight)
Full/ big as possible
Square toe
Semi oval handle (not too thick handle if poss)

After a couple of weeks the bat arrived at bang on 2lb12oz and the pick up is great with the shorter blade/long handle set up.
I got to use it for the first time yesterday in the nets against the older balls and was very impressed. The toe is nice and thick, middle feels long and the press felt great. I can see this being my match bat this year (if there will be a season of course)

Looks great mate. I must say I think John's bats are as well pressed as any out there at the minute.

John makes excellent bats and offer great value for money.
Good on you for supporting a forum sponsor too.

Great looking bat and love the stickers. Hope it serves you really well this summer!

Iíve got nothing but good stuff to say about John and Red Ink.

Lovely bat youíve got there mate


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