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Middling bat action...


So my son found my old middling bat and started using it. Which frankly is just not allowed.
Mainly because he is 10 and uses a size 5, although it appears to be about the same weight as my middling bat!

So I asked John if he could help and ordered a size 6 for my son. I went for something a little big so we could get some longevity out of it.
After a few WhatsApps so his match bat could be copied the bat was on its way.

Frankly I am not sure if I will let the boy have it...

Tosca's view is that I should be taking her for a walk, not playing with bats...

Looks lovely, reminds me of the one I got off John around 7-8 years ago! It didn't see/hasn't seen much use, but I'm chucking a new grip on it and using it on my training aids over the winter. Glad to see @Red Ink Cricket hasn't compromised on quality of finishing and craftsmanship over the years, and the same care has been applied to a junior middling bat. :)

Red Ink Cricket:
Glad it arrived ok, just a shame the courier got it mixed up. Better late than never though!

@Chad i think that was one of the first batch. Good to hear you still have it, shame itís not had much use but hopefully gets plenty over the winter


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