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B14 - has anyone got/used one?

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Hi, After much deliberation

I have ordered B14 Pure Edition. Its 1cm shorter than B1 or B4 but the shape is blend of B1 and B4.

Very anxious to get my hand on. I will post pics and initial review in a separate thread.

Bye for now

I picked up a B14 in my recent binge so just thought I would share.

This is my first BB so for comparison purposes I've used a GM Chroma as they share a very similar middle position. The differences in blade length is obvious along with the the bow. They are almost exactly the same weight with the BB at 2.9.5 and the GM at 2.9.3 and both offer full profiles. The B14 has packed a lot more into the middle with bigger edges but also notably a lot more girth carried through into the toe. I'd say the BB feels a touch heavier than the GM.... which it is but oh my word does it ping!!! In the performance grade as a value/performance choice it has to be right up there.

A few pics... enjoy.

Cheers @Rez that's grand, looks cracking value for the price. My B4 is still going strong despite my best efforts to snap, crack or otherwise break it. Always good value for a TK bat.


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