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As a new resident of America, I've been following the launch of Minor League Cricket this year with interest, with Major League Cricket to launch in the next few years. I'm sure I would be nowhere near talented enough to play for Michigan, my current state (and one of the Minor League teams), but the fact that they are in a league with Texas seems like an insane amount of travel to me.

Texas, though, had some exciting news this week. A Minor League Baseball stadium in Grand Prarie, Texas (Dallas) is going to be converted into a cricket-only facility, which sounds pretty exciting! My company is headquartered in Dallas, but I don't see a transfer there in my future anytime soon, as tempting as it might be. Great news for American cricket though... I hope we can expect more stadiums in the near future! (Michigan, DC, or Boston would be AMAZING).

Yes things are moving for USA cricket

They got the ODI status , Ali khan got selected in IPL, this new stadium news is exciting.

Still a long long way to go but there is some progress.
Earlier usa cricketers use to get 100-150$ per game , now they get a better salary.

It has to become mainstream - kids start playing cricket and big sponsors start looking at cricket with some interest.
I mean it's not even an emerging market yet.


--- Quote from: billyb on November 21, 2020, 05:18:51 AM ---I hope we can expect more stadiums in the near future! (Michigan, DC, or Boston would be AMAZING).

--- End quote ---

I have been following this with great interest. I also followed the Minor League Cricket where I know a few players.

Growth of sponsored cricket has been steady and, actually, quite good. I am optimistic that we will have good, high level, professional cricket here in this decade. 

Also, if you look around, you will find some serious bat collectors as well. ;)

The US has the advantage of the amount of money that Americans will pour into sports. Even a tiny fraction of a serious US investment could build a pretty serious competition.

I think it's quite exciting! The amount of cricket that finds its way on to TV or the internet is interesting too. College Cricket games are all over the web.


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