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Duck Duck Mongoose:
I'm thinking about getting a blank bat but am a bit confused by the descriptions of the different shapes on the website. The only one I understand is the one for the B20 and that's the profile that I know I definitely don't want!

Is anyone able to give me a bit more of a detailed overview?

Thanks in advance!

Hulk is essentially a Newbery Tour shape, really good coverage


--- Quote from: JB on November 21, 2020, 01:14:17 PM ---Hulk is essentially a Newbery Tour shape, really good coverage

--- End quote ---

Not sure the Hulk profile is one that's listed on their website mate.

B1 - full profile, traditional length blade, traditional length handle mid middle.

B2 - some concaving - not loads but more than the other profiles, big edges, mid-low middle.

B4 - minimal concaving, shorter blade, longer handle, mid middle.

B14 - shorter blade, longer handle, full profile, mid middle.

What I would recommend is dropping them a message via WhatsApp with a description of what you're looking for.

They were very helpful when I asked and were happy to discuss a range of factors and then to make a suggestion of the most suitable bat for me.

Ended up with a B4 and haven't regretted it, a lovely bat and at a very reasonable price.

Duck Duck Mongoose:
Thanks folks, I am after a light bat so doubt I am the target market for the hulk.

I think I've got an idea about the B1 and B2 but still struggling with B4 and B14, how much shorter are the blades on these? Are they both the same length or is one even shorter than the other? What difference does this make to pick up?

I did email Tai but didn't get very much info in reply.


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