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Strettons Shredding or overcooked ?

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six and out:

--- Quote from: it's_a_pudding on March 06, 2021, 06:13:50 PM ---It was on gas mark 3 so 110 but the door was slightly open and it was only in for 8 mins on bottom shelf. Inner thigh pad was on top shelf and absolutely fine except the top of hook has melted slightly but can still loop the strap through.

--- End quote ---

Why 110 degrees? The how to guide on the website states 80 degrees?

Oven doesnít work on gas 2 or less so figured Iíd leave the door a bit open and put it on the bottom oven shelf and check on it, what I donít understand it how itís only happened on one of the pads on one side which leads me to think there might have been a tear on the one side and itís shriveled up. Also with the inner pad being at the top in theory that one should have melted more than the other but itís worked fine. Like I said in my previous post never had the issue with my other set last year.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the fire on a gas oven normally at the bottom of the oven? Even with the door slightly ajar, if you leave it on the bottom shelf nearer to the flame, it'll be hotter there...

I went off how our food seems to cook in the oven anything in the bottom barely cooks at all whereas anything in the top cooks properly. Like I said before I may have done something wrong just seeing if anyone else has had problems or even warn a few people that it can go wrong not done correctly. Being from Yorkshire I ainít prepared to waste money on it so will cut the hard parts and make the most of it. At least itís on the inside on the thigh pad so I can still strap them up just have to wear batting shorts to prevent irritation.

So please correct me if I'm wrong.

OP puts a product into a faulty oven and proceeds to heat the item, to nearly 40% over the recommended temperature. Then wants to complain about it being toasted, and that the poor manufacturer should be held accountable for said toasted item!

Think I must be misreading something here  :( ?


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