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Strettons Shredding or overcooked ?

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--- Quote from: it's_a_pudding on March 06, 2021, 11:14:18 PM ---Maybe it has been misread or I havenít explained it the best. The oven doesnít work correctly the bottom 2 gas  marks donít light the oven and it doesnít heat up fully so have to use a thermometer all the time to make sure stuff cooks correctly as we are currently waiting to having kitchen renovated and new oven fitted. I wasnít stating that this isnít my fault I repeated the process I did last time that worked fine on my last pair then I lost my inner thigh pad. I was simply asking if anyone else had any issues or it could be a thread to help anyone wanting to purchase these and avoid my potential mistakes. The only reason why I ask is if there could be something as simple as a tear in the outer skin before heating to cause this malfunction because what is puzzling me with it is if the oven was way too hot then surely the whole thing would bubble and melt not just one side out of 4 which made me think could there have been a tear and then when heating and expanding its shredded the skin and caused the outer layer to melt. Like Iíve stated multiple times the product isnít ruined itís cosmetically damaged all the padding inside is fine and it has mounded to my leg as it should but unfortunately the outer skin has shredded and melted a bit.

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To be perfectly blunt, this is entirely your error mate. There is a reason the instructions had a temperature you were supposed to heat the thigh guards to. It is extremely unfair to criticize the product when itís clearly user error. I have no idea why YOU feel dissatisfied - that right to feel dissatisfied belongs to George alone. He (and his company) didnít deserve this.

This would be like doing throwdowns with stones and rocks and then feeling dissatisfied with the bat manufacturer



--- Quote from: Batoff on March 06, 2021, 11:16:29 PM ---So half the time you're moaning cricket gear is too traditional and it all "sucks" due to the lack of customisation.

Now you're saying custom products are flawed because they have to be prepared.

You're not happy unless you're moaning, are you...

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Uncle @Batoff , I never said I hate customization. I am a proponent of "standardization" as in standardization of specs so that you can easily order or buy an exact (replica of a) bat without traveling 3000 miles.

You just can't see me happy without moaning about my supposed "moaning". :D And, I had a great a laugh reading this thread. I am still laughing!!!!! :D :D :D


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