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Strettons Shredding or overcooked ?

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Gas mark 3 the same as I did last time not sure if there has been a cut or something on one side as the inner pad is fine and the outer is fine on the outside but the otherside the Velcro has torn and is all bubbly and melted basically so probably going to need to cut it the skin off to stop it from irritating.

Contact George, he'll sort you out.

Iím willing to cut the hard pieces and get on with it as itís only one side on one of the pads just a bit frustrating and can imagine this happens every now and then with the odd piece just thought it may have happened to someone else. It may well have got too hot like you guys have said just donít know why only 1 bit would tear and do that and not the rest of it. Bit close to the season to be trying to sort it all out Iíd rather just wear some shorts under the effected pad and get on with it. Just thought I would post my experience if anyone is looking at doing the same like I said before the first set if had were perfect but Iím not sure if there was a slight tear in the material to cause this or the oven is cooking my pad much faster than my food.


--- Quote from: billyb on March 06, 2021, 04:52:59 PM ---What temperature did you put them in at?

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I have the same question. What temperature was the oven at ?

It was on gas mark 3 so 110 but the door was slightly open and it was only in for 8 mins on bottom shelf. Inner thigh pad was on top shelf and absolutely fine except the top of hook has melted slightly but can still loop the strap through.


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