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Surely the big pieces of grill over you eyes would effect your visibility??

But if it did it would so for hockey players too and they have a smaller object to pass and play with. I've found one on our craigslist version here for free. I might give it a go actually and compare visibility.

A puck would fit through the gap in a cricket helmet though, hence why they have a full grill.

So like the established wicket keeping face masks?

Or the baseball one if you think the cricket one isn't good enough?

The concern about the gap between the peak and the top of the grille isn't really warranted in my opinion and means you get better visibility than with an ice hockey helmet. Don't many hockey players prefer playing without the grille because of comfort and visibility?

It's less about not having a safe helmet in cricket helmets but a more accessible option. As I have no way to really go out and test cricket helmets myself I'm wondering about options which I actually can access and try on. Those helmets are out in the shops and I can just go there and test one if it should fit for the sport. Will test the free one if I can get it.


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