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Remfry or Stretton fox

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I couldn't get on with my Strettons, just didn't feel right for me. Currently using Remfry's and cannot fault them.
Saying that I've used the off the shelf brands (Kook, GN etc) combo thigh pads before and were happy with them and I sometimes face some pretty fast bowling.

I used P2s growing up and they were the best combination of price and protection possible, above and beyond the speeds you were discussing. Are you sure that Remfry/Strettons are actually going to be better than what you already have?

Maybe you just got a really unlucky blow, but generally speaking getting hit should sting a tiny bit so you improve your technique 😂

I have both the old school Strettons and Remfrys. I switch between the two depending on my mood which isn't very scientific but it works for me.

I used to wear P1's before and I get the extra hip protection feels safer but recently I picked up a pair of P2's and I couldn't get over the bulk of them. How quickly we move on.

My guess is at the time there wasn't much of a decent choice out there. Now when I see what is on somewhere like onlinestockist and what they have to offer is tempting. Not only the BAS gear but also the others on there. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy I paid the extra but there are cheaper alternatives out there.


--- Quote from: FraserJames123 on October 13, 2021, 01:08:44 PM ---Hi everyone I'm a County opening batsman/ wicketkeeper and am looking for new thigh pads and didn't know whether to go for remfry or Stretton fox what do you think

--- End quote ---

You need to work out what is most comfortable for you.
Pros use a whole load of different models.

If you like the 2 in 1 sets then you have the P1s, the moonwalkrs or SG ones. There are a number of firms bringing out pads like that.

If you want the independent thigh and inner, then go to a retailer and see what fits.

Personally I think the new GN thigh pads are great and more than good enough quality. Ali Cook has used them for years so the protection must be good enough.

Loads of pros use Remfry, but they are super expensive. Steve Smith went and bought the Stretton Fox's from a store and likes them.

Ultimately fit is your friend. If they fit right they will protect you.

I have just got my boys some SS made VKS thigh pads and they seem to do a job nicely.

This is my 2 cents and others will disagree. If comfort is your #1 priority then go down the Remfry route, if protection is the main concern then Stretton Fox. But it's marginal. There are other brands you may wish to consider especially if price is a factor.


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