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I couldn't make the SFs work for me.  I understand the concept of being able to mould them to your body shape, but it just doesn't work as they don't stay in the shape you mould them to.  As a result they felt uncomfortable and moved around a lot.   The inner thigh pad was particularly poor for moving around.  The times I netted in them, I was thinking more about the pads moving around than concentrating on the ball

six and out:

--- Quote from: FraserJames123 on October 14, 2021, 05:00:49 PM ---Is George still doing custom sets?

--- End quote ---

You need to find out the answer to this otherwise your overall question is a moot one, unless you are a very very tall 14 year old because the new SF sets only go down to a small, which I have and they will be far far too big for you.

Yes I've asked him and he's still doing the fully custom sets!

I wouldn't be buying expensive thigh pads until you stop growing if I were you.
Buy the off the shelf products for now.


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