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Just a quick message to all forum members to be aware that as the forum gains popularity it also gains the attention of people wishing to steal from you by conning their way to either money or kit. We have always welcomed trade and 99% of it goes smoothly between members. Unfortunately we cannot ensure that all members are honest and so you will have to take steps to make sure that any sale is above board and legit.

The Admin team are putting a restriction on new members to have been a member for a set length of time and to also post 50 times before they can sell goods privately here. This does not guarantee any sale to be good but should aid things. If you have any doubts about an offer please feel free to contact any member of Admin and inform them of your concerns.

If any banned member asks you to trade do not, they are banned for a reason and you are at serious risk of being a victim of theft or a con.

Great idea this you should have to contribute to the forum before you start flogging stuff
And may stop banned members creating new accounts to sell stuff

i was thinking the same thing maxy

Is there anywayto get people to use the sales feedback section, it's a nice idea but seldom used.

does that mean has someone been conned?


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