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Title: Shoulder Surgery
Post by: The Lawyer on July 26, 2019, 05:44:09 PM
Hi all

I injured my shoulder some years ago by way of subluxation and have not been able to bowl since. I've managed to throw side-arm with no reduction in strength though up until very recently where, after driving on outstretched arms, I felt a very minor tearing sensation in that shoulder. It's left my arm pretty weak and I've no confidence in it anymore. I assume the ligaments finally need to be repaired.

I've been referred to orthopaedics and I'm hoping I'll end up having an arthroscopy to repair whatever is going on inside.

For those of you who have had shoulder surgery after dislocation/subluxation, what can I expect? I doubt I'll be able to return bowling seam, but getting my fairly decent arm back as well as being able to bowl spin would be nice. Currently my shoulder subluxes if I try and bowl.

Title: Re: Shoulder Surgery
Post by: play-yourself-in on July 27, 2019, 09:27:46 AM
Sorry to hear about your injuries. Shoulders are a nightmare! I've had 2 dislocations on my left and 3 on my right, all from playing football. After the third on my right the consultant said I'd needed surgery as it was so weak I could dislocate it from sneezing or rolling over in bed. I had a shoulder stabilisation surgery where they make the socket of the ball and socket joint deeper. The surgery was open and I have a pretty decent scar to show for it!

The bad news is the recovery was pretty long. 6 weeks in a sling and pretty much no moving it at all for the first 3 weeks. Only the physio was allowed to exercise it and keep it mobile. After about 3 weeks I was allowed to start to take the sling off and complete some exercises. It was very stiff and very painful. sleeping and showering were a pain and I was signed off work for a long time. After 6 weeks the sling came off and physio continued for another 3 months. Within 6 months I was back to normal albeit very weak.

The good news is that now I am fully fixed. I can play cricket, including bowling and throwing (just as well or badly as before), I play golf, swim, surf, lift weights and pretty much do everything I did before. I retired from football but I think that was more mental than physical.

It really is worth getting done and if you stick to the physio and don't over do it then you'll be grand. I spent a lot of time walking when I couldn't do any exercise as I needed to get out of the house and wanted to stay active. I also used a stationary bike to try and stay fit.

I had my surgery in 2010 so I'm sure that the surgery and medical procedures are far more advanced now.

Good luck with it. Give me a shout if I can help in any way. The dodgy shoulders club need to stick together!
Title: Re: Shoulder Surgery
Post by: The Lawyer on July 29, 2019, 02:32:50 PM
Thank you so much for your very detailed post! That's very encouraging to hear.