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Title: Keeping Tips
Post by: NT50 on August 28, 2019, 10:22:30 AM
Morning Gents

Next season the opportunity to move up a few levels has presented itself. I am primarily a batsman but as the side doesn't have a keeper next year i'd be more than willing to spend 3/4 hours a week over the winter dedicating myself to becoming a keeper at Uni. I've kept 5/6 times in Sunday games last season and took quite a few catches up to the stumps as well as only letting an average of 2/3 byes per game. The general feeling from the actual keeper (who didn't keep on sundays so he could have a bowl) was that i looked very good for someone who hadn't kept before but i didn't have a great technique and relied on my hands to get me out of trouble a bit too much.

I think i've got the attributes to become a reasonable keeper. As a goalkeeper i was always considered to have the best footwork/handling anywhere i went (i needed it, being 5'8) so although not the same technique i feel the basics are still similar and can transfer. I've also taken the most catches in my league in the last 2 years at slip/gully (15 or 16, yet to drop a chance) so i'd say my hand/eye is decent enough to become a keeper.

With that being said i still have a few questions for those WK's out there. I plan on getting an hours coaching a week in a block deal from somewhere (if you have any recommendations around the West Yorkshire area, let me know!) as well as having free reign for 2 hours at uni training every week from September.

1) Does anyone have any ideas for drills i can do before i get some coaching? I'll have a few weeks at Uni before i'll have the time to sort the coaching out so would like to get a head start. I know there's a lot on the internet but when i was a GK coach, i found a lot of nonsense in the form of drills on the internet so would like to avoid that for Wicket Keeping!

2) Generally how tight should a pair of gloves fit? I have an old cheap pair from Hunts but would probably end up buying some more high end ones. These gloves are standard mens and have about 1.5 inches space between finger and tip of glove. Should i be using Youth's that fit a big more snugly? I use youth batting gloves for reference

3) Those who tape up their fingers, how do you generally do it? I have poppadom fingers that i often used to sprain in goal so would be best to stop injury.

4) How do you lot manage to keep fit enough to keep for 50 overs? do you do any additional squats/ core stuff to keep fit?

Any advice related to these questions or not would be massively appreciated, cheers!
Title: Re: Keeping Tips
Post by: shadowlight on August 28, 2019, 11:29:06 AM
I found this video which I am going to try over the winter also, but I might be giving up keeping next year.  Getting to old for it.
Title: Re: Keeping Tips
Post by: NT50 on September 13, 2019, 12:08:10 PM

Hello everyone!

Kept for the first time properly last weekend (have done it before but that was on a Sunday where keepers are generally speed bumps)

Standing back was absolutely no problem at all. Kept to our overseas bowling high 70ís taking everything fingers up which was an experience!

My main problems are when up to the stumps and seem to be the following:

1: When a batsman shapes up to hit and subsequently misses it Iím often half flinching/ not watching the ball resulting in a fumble/miss

2: I seem to be snatching at the ball when up to the stumps. I was called once for a no ball for my hands infront of the stumps and I also dropped one off our spinner for snatching at it

Does anyone have any tips for the aforementioned problems? I have plenty of time and space over the winter to work on it but would be nice to know if thereís anything I can do to combat my snatching/ flinching