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Title: H4L Warbird Review
Post by: velvetsky01 on September 22, 2019, 01:25:51 PM
I recently purchased this wonderful Grade 2 Warbird via @Uzi Sports during their H4L sale. I went last sunday to have a little look at what they had one offer and I was not disappointed. It was between this and a stunning Pro grade warbird. I am after a spare for my Kippax hence the shape As my Kippax is a shorter blade longer handle config - So wanted something similar. As this would be a "spare" I couldn't really justify the Pro.
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This G2 example is just over a "half and half" (more heartwood than sap - just) and has 15 straight grains through it. There are a few small blemishes within the heartwood which I assume is why this was graded a G2 as well as the amount of heartwood.

As you can see - Simply Stunning.....
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The pickup is very good and is aided by the counterbalance on the handle. The handle is interesting as Uzi told me that it is not the usual H4L handle - and in fact an SS one - which Uzi gets Matt to use on their bats for him. It has a lovely feel to it and is oval at the top hand and feels very solid.
 Here it is;

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The bat as you would expect from Matt performs brilliantly and will only improve with knocking in - although it said it was Knocked in by H4L I shall still do some more. It is a touch hard in some spots but that must be due to the heartwood. The bat feels great in the hands. I think I will enjoy driving the ball with this bat feels great. The bats pickup will also help with batspeed to the shorter ball. The bat has a nice high spine which runs into the toe - well its almost taped *(i think thats the term)* Iv tried to show it in this photo
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I really like the shape of the warbird

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Next to my Kippax (for shape comparisons)
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I hope to use it through out the winter to prep it for next summer.

I just need to work out if i am going to keep the stickers or remove them and put some Kippax ones on to match my kit - OR take advantage of H4Ls current softs sale  :D :D

Thank you again to uzi for allowing me to take the time to go through lots of bats until I made my mind up as well as all the cricket chat
Title: Re: H4L Warbird Review
Post by: alexevo94 on September 22, 2019, 03:07:56 PM
Looks a lovely shape, always wanted a H4L just never got round to purchasing one
Title: Re: H4L Warbird Review
Post by: jonny77 on September 22, 2019, 05:45:42 PM
Looks great although having problems getting to the postimg pics for some reason?

Really lovely bats H4L obviously and the Warbird is my favourite shape of theirs. Looks like a good purchase and hope it goes well.

Still not convinced the 'counter balance' does anything tho tbf.  :D