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The game we play should reflect the game you watch on television, be it 20-20 or one day, and it shouldn't be any more complicate wrt bonus points etc than that IMO

Surely it should be the other way round? Professional cricket is funded by recreational cricketers as a means of providing an advert for our sport and to attract new players. So professional cricket should reflect recreational cricket and not the other way round.
Your Kit / Re: Best FKW thread
« Last post by InternalTraining on Today at 10:52:40 AM »
 :D :D :D

Aero pads.
Newbery/Uzi gloves.
Masuri helmet.
Unstickered Keeley match bat or stickered CA match bat.

Nobody cares if things don't match up. :)
Your Cricket / Re: How does one stay motivated during a bad team run?
« Last post by mo_town on Today at 10:48:18 AM »
Hopefully we can sustain the good run in the coming weeks...My only concern now is to focus on my batting...I recently got a BB B20 from Tai. The middle on it is amazing. The problem I have had in the past 2 innings with it is that I am trying to hit the ball to the next county from ball one. Got caught behind of a spinner in one game and got bowled off a spinner in the game in Sat. Hopefully in my next innings I will try to play it calm at the start of the innings and play myself in. Cant wait to see how far I can hit with the B20! :D
The game we play should reflect the game you watch on television, be it 20-20 or one day, and it shouldn't be any more complicate wrt bonus points etc than that IMO
Your Cricket / Re: How does one stay motivated during a bad team run?
« Last post by ppccopener on Today at 10:18:07 AM »
yeah we   beat 2nd top team to climb off the bottom by one wicket with two youngsters hitting the winning runs. The joy was evident all round

I stonewalled for 20 runs off 20 overs against some quality spin on a nightmare of a pitch. Probably the most satisfying innings all year because it kept them at bay when they thought they were thru us

one thing is for sure, don't give up. The cricket gods will get you if you do  :)
Your Kit / Best FKW thread
« Last post by jjelricksmith on Today at 10:01:43 AM »
Morning all,

I recently swapped from a salix to an Aldred bat and the non FK is throwing my all the gear no idea OCD into madness as im still using my salix softs. So just got me thinking, who has the most kit from one brand? The complete FK setup, can include bats re-stickered so that they have the same brand as softs.

Please post pictures below to make a jealous Monday.
Your Cricket / Re: How does one stay motivated during a bad team run?
« Last post by mo_town on Today at 09:49:43 AM »
Won the game on Saturday. Beat the 2nd placed team in the Div by 100 odd runs! All is well in world :D
Bats / Re: Keeley or a brand made by Keeley
« Last post by jjelricksmith on Today at 09:26:04 AM »
In all seriousness do speak to Blank Bats, there's a reason everyone on here speaks highly of them. Never seen a bad performing one and cheaper than all other Keeley made bats of the same grade.
I'm sorry but I don't agree. In some games they might do in others (most, in our league) they do not.

If you want to know who is the better team between one who took 7 wickets in a game vs a team who only got 6 wickets in another is not fair or transparent. A team who were easily winning might shove their 9, 10, 11 in to have a net as it doesn't make a different to their points total, but the losing team pick up cheap bonus points. A better way to separate teams would be head to head results and then net run rate.

I'd love to know which teams think taking fewer wickets or scoring fewer runs is an advantage. Yes you can bowl wide outside of off to a packed off-side field but that is still a legitimate way to take wickets when you have scoreboard pressure. You can't bowl down leg or use too much short stuff anyway.

If you really want that them, have a single point for taking all 10 wickets in either innings. 1 point for get 90% of the runs or getting the runs with 4 overs to spare (40 over cricket). 20 points for a win and 10 for a draw/tie/cancellation. Maximum 2 bonus points available per team.

Some people seem convinced that scrapping bonus points will suddenly enable teams to score a huge amount of runs. I'm pretty sure everyone is trying to do that but usually fail. The bonus point system in our league means that a team can block out to deny a comfortably better team 5 points, which is 20% of the total available. That is usually a motivation for some players. They don't actually try to score many runs to gain points. They like to spoil someone's day rather than achieve something positive for themselves.

I think bonus points add an unnecessary layer of complexity in an already complex game. They promote stodgy, back-to-the-wall batting at the end where the emphasis is on denying to opposition points rather than gaining your own. They draw out an already long day (which discourages participation) and they often mean lower order batsmen lose the freedom to play how they want. They are pressured into blocking and scraping a few extra runs instead of having a go at playing some nice cricket. Not everyone of course can or does want to do that but the choice is there.

Using net run rate as a separator in the league standings is enough to encourage a team not to jack it in too early. If you get thrashed, it will significantly harm your NRR. The point of NRR is that it doesn't come into play until two teams are on the same points from the results of their games. A team can just aim to get their bonus points without ever really trying to win a game and end up higher in the league that a team who actually wants to participate in a contest.

We seem to be talking at cross-purposes. You are arguing against a specific type of bonus point system that rewards defensive batting, but that is not the type of bonus points system I am arguing in favour of.

Ironically, NRR is a negative measure because it encourages defensive bowling rather than attacking bowling because it rewards economy rather than wickets. Bonus points for runs and wickets work better!

PS: I've never known a cricket team to even consider how many points the opposition are getting. Most are purely concerned about their own points, which means they need to attack, both with ball and bat.
Ayrtek / Re: Trad Trialists
« Last post by Ayrtek Cricket on Today at 08:24:08 AM »
Samples underway as the tooling took a bit longer to make than anticipated due to going for a higher grade of Alu for longevity.

Looking forward to seeing how they look shortly!
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