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Title: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on February 16, 2019, 05:23:14 PM
In a bid to stop buying bats I thought I'd review the ones I already have instead.

I've whittled down my collection to six bats, the plan had been five but I accidentally added another one, but more of that later.

With both my sons being keen cricketers I've sort of had an Indian summer of kit buying late in my own career, vicariously acquiring kit for them whilst not so secretly intending to use it myself.

As a younger man I've really not ever been that fussed about my kit - if I could find a decent bat and use my softs till they fall to bits I would be happy, there was always more important things to spend money on for me.

However I've discovered I enjoy pottering with bats - I love a bargain and despite being awful at diy I do enjoy a good refurb and the forum has made me experiment with different brands, styles & weights of bats, so here's my current crop for 2019.

I guess I ought to explain I rarely spend much north of £100 on a bat I'm not good enough with it, injury prone and my wife looks at my credit card statement

I do enjoy winter nets and our club has two hours a week at the indoor school in Taunton which means typically 10-15 minutes of batting (60-90 balls maybe?) so I've decided to consciously road test all of my bats ahead of the Spring.

Up first a decent grade Jedi Zaramax that has been cleaned up and restickered with Phantom Hero decals.

Bought from the forum (Buzz) in his big bat sale for younger son because it's incredibly grainy (18+) and big but really light.
Change of stickers was his choice but to be fair they are great quality and do look good (and they were free)
36mm edges & 60mm spine but only weighing 2lb 7oz - one grip & scuff
I wasn't too sure about the shape at first but it's grown on me as the pick up is lovely and it's very well balanced.
The middle starts about 100m from the toe & runs for an impressive 150mm.
I'm rubbish at working out handle types but I'd go round or at best slight oval

So I've got a theory that light bats work best at indoor nets, the bounce is higher than most wickets even in August and there's plenty of pace to work with off the surface. Young son hadn't used this himself as he only using his favourite bat and strictly no others (must be adopted) so I took it for a spin this Friday night.

Wow - if this is what all high end grainy willow performs like I have totally wasted my bat buying career!!!
I discovered (again late in life) that I hit the ball higher up the bat than traditional "low slow wicket" wisdom dictates so big, high, long & forgiving middle are perfect for me... this ticks all those boxes
Makes a real whip crack sound when timed & feels soft out of the middle - I would definitely recommend a Jedi

Now the bit most of us really want... the pics.

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Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: kenbriooo on February 16, 2019, 05:38:58 PM
Thanks for the review, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I can't wait for my little ones to grow up so we can share bats.
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: Gurujames on February 16, 2019, 09:23:54 PM
Whereís the GMís Chris?
I love buying kit for my daughter. She never really gets the thrill out of it that I do. But, when she gets a new bat so do I. I tell the missus itís a group discount.
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on February 17, 2019, 02:16:35 PM
Hereís the 2nd bat Iíve used in winter nets so far an Adidas XT White of unknown grade.
I first picked one of these up at end of last year for £40 off eBay and it is incredible - possibly because the handle is about to go, so Iíve been on the look out for a back up.
The key to them both was weight - they are both only 2lb 7oz and in no way small.

This one was again sourced through the forum (Soulman) and is bang on 2lb 7oz with one grip and a scuff.
37mm edges. 60mm spine. Some concaving. Middle starts about 140mm up and again runs for around 160mm
8 even straight grains and picks up lighter than the Jedi as the weight is spread further up the bat.
Round handle helped by hybrid grip.
The eagle-eyed may notice the toe has been modified - due to mistimed drive taking the corner out of the originally square toe.
Itís was taken into M&H as I didnít trust myself to do the job and as always I was very pleased with their work.

Not as grainy as the bat above but this is my 2nd Adidas XT with outstanding performance - the light weight helps Iím sure But again a big high forgiving middle. It feels soft which might explain the weight and Iím not sure it will last forever but then again I donít tend to keep bats for years.

Alongside the GM Signature range the lower end XTs are surely some of the best value of the mainstream bats for looks & performance?

One of the younger lads at nets used this instead of his standard 2lb 9.5oz bat - range of shots & timing improved almost immediately... I suspect many of us use bats that are actually too heavy for us, especially indoors.

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Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on February 19, 2019, 09:15:49 PM
No nets for next two Friday nights... and Iím already excited about giving this a road test
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Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: velvetsky01 on February 19, 2019, 09:23:39 PM
Is that a real Kippax cris? Or another brand of bat? Love the new stickers
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on February 20, 2019, 09:12:08 AM
Is that a real Kippax cris? Or another brand of bat? Love the new stickers

Thereís a bit of a story about this one...

I kinda screwed up a refurb - Iím not very good at sanding around stickers and may also have overdone the nail varnish remover pads. It destroyed the stickers along the spine. But shape wise itís a decent match and had a red toe guard
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on March 03, 2019, 03:39:07 PM
This Fridayís bat was an Ebay bargain I picked up with a view to refurbing and moving on, however itís come up so nice itís a keeper.

Originally an SS Ton (no idea on model or grade) with a horrid fibreglass scuff. I screwed up the refurb and managed to crack the stickers along the back, so in the end gave it a full clean up.

Itís got 40mm edges & 68mm spine - itís massive but only 2lb 8oz fully dressed with scuff, stickers and single grip.

The swell rises about 12mm from the toe and extends 12mm-14mm - it doesnít feel like a low middle Indian style bat, itís well balanced and has plenty of performance higher up the blade.

Itís a goes really well in the nets. Feels softly pressed.  Makes a lovely sound and Iíd immediately feel comfortable batting with it in a game.

The only downside is that it has a round thin handle - possibly where the weight is saved.
I found myself a little bottom handed in nets (more than normal) itís possibly in my head but it feels a bit easy to choke the bat in my set up.
A little more practice with it and a lighter bottom hand grip and thereís some serious runs in this one.
I paid nearly as much for the stickers as the bat but damn they suit it well.

Unfortunately this reviewing of bats has not stopped me buying more... at least I sold two this week.

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Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on March 30, 2019, 08:17:17 AM
Iíd been saving this one for the last couple of nets, I have a suspicion itís a bit special

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Itís a short blade long handle Kippax made that I picked up blank and itís at the top end of my weight range so I went with the lighter (and best looking) stickers I had.

Itís a real looker, picks up great and weighs in at 2lb 9.5ozs
Thick oval handle that borders on the squarish
Iíve no idea what Joe Roots bat truly looks like in the flesh but in my head this is a lookalike - someone can happily correct me.

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Itís tough to review. Firstly the net bowling was at best mixed early on, I didnít bat well, I was trying to hit the ball too early and too hard.
Up the upside it screams out of the middle. And itís every bit as good as I hoped it would be.... hereís the kicker.

Iím not sure I get on with the handle & I may be so old, slow and weak that itís too heavy for me...

Having slept on it. I need to use it again next week before deciding if itís going in to the ďbat rotationĒ

Iím convincing myself that heavier is better outdoors and Iím being swayed by Tauntonís bouncy indoor nets.
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: Wozaboxa on March 30, 2019, 11:32:43 AM
Wow, would happily give you money for any of those bats! love the profile on the first one (Phantom)
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: AJ2014 on March 30, 2019, 12:28:21 PM
Ty2lo, it's different indoors, you'll definitely have much better use of it outdoors, use a thinner grip, 2.10lb isn't heavy, not even for you 🙂 it's in the mind, it will be fine once you've made up your mind to use this Bat.
I'm gone to 2.11lb, while using 2.7lb last season, it's the mindset, and I'm not a big hitter, realised after thinking for long that I play the ball as late as possible and this weight addition has helped
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: strang on March 30, 2019, 06:09:10 PM
I've felt this winter that in the nets it's a bit harder to use a heavier bat when dealing with the quicks, as the ball bounces a bit higher and comes on a bit faster.
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: AJ2014 on March 30, 2019, 06:36:35 PM
Think it's important to calculate bat's weight with it's profile, I'm using mid high which make bats feel a bit lighter, 2.10lb+ and I didn't have
any issues facing a tall leftie with good pace, bowling a lot of bouncers 🙂
But a bat with mid low or low middle at 2.10lb could be a pickup issues at indoor nets, I guess
Title: Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
Post by: t2ylo on March 31, 2019, 08:52:23 AM
Agreed about middle position & indoor bounce - ideally I like 2.8 high middle bat... only two weeks until outside batting cage sessions, thatís going finally make my mind up.