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« on: April 05, 2017, 05:17:45 PM »

So Adidas ran a little comp on twitter a few weeks back to win a XT-Elite and I only went and won it. Arrived the next day but taken a little while to uploads the pics.

Weighs in at 2.10.1 but thats with the cellophane wrapping all over, the plastic hook and the two labels/tags all still on it. I think as reviewed by IJC on their youtube channel these bats aren't grainy, and this is no exception 7 "quite" straight ones in fact.
Picks up really light, fairly square toe full profile although a low profile with a lot of wood where the middle is, decent thickness on the toe but very skinny on the shoulder (they have to take the weight off somewhere). Handle is very skinny, even with my little hands id prob need a second grip. Embossed stickers look fantastic. A classy stick from Adidas, quite impressed with it.

Apologies for the quality of pics, will take some outside during the day at some point.



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Re: XT-Elite
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Really good luck I also found the handles truly thin.

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