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Please Help Save Heworth Cricket Club

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Hello there,

Yesterday, my cricket club, in association with the local council, started a petition to try and help save it from forced relocation.

We share the pitch/clubhouse with City of York Hockey Club, who actually own the ground and building.  They are looking to relocate to build their own AstroTurf and therefore sell the current set-up for housing development.

This will rip our cricket club from its community roots, destroying over 230 years of heritage and history.

All I ask is for the petition to be signed and shared, to get as much traction as we can to highlight the selfish decision making of the Hockey Club and see whether there are alternate ways beneficial for both clubs.

Many thanks for your time and effort.


Done it pal best of luck with your fight

Signed, good luck!

Thanks. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Done and gold luck saving your club @joeljonno


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