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Author Topic: 2018 Goals/Aims  (Read 5147 times)

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Re: 2018 Goals/Aims
« Reply #75 on: September 11, 2018, 11:42:28 AM »

Had a look at our stats this morning.

The two bowlers above me in the 1s for wickets taken bowled 152 overs for 22 wickets and 112 for 19. I bowled 71 for 16. I may be a bit more expensive, going at 5.8 in the firsts, but I will get wickets!

Taking this into account I'm a bit happier than I was with my seasons efforts, especially with being top of the catching charts. Batting wasn't my best though, and I want to improve on that in Aus.


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Re: 2018 Goals/Aims
« Reply #76 on: September 11, 2018, 12:13:48 PM »

Last few seasons stats for comparison and mostly for my benefit when looking at season goals:

305 runs at 20, 2x50
18 wickets at 24 econ 5.7
367 at 22 2x50
22at 15.5 econ 5.5
476 at 28 3x50
13 at 24 econ 5.8
227 at 16 2x50
16 at 23 econ 5.3

- Just play plenty of games, Kid number two issue due to arrive in August and from July I'll be away tue-thu with work so won't make any training sessions.

- 20 wickets, econ below 5.5

- Score a ton!
- 350 runs for the season

3 games to go, 1 of which I'll miss and I'm sitting on:

274 runs at 21
23 wickets at 17, Econ 5.8, could have been a bit more economical but have bowled at the death a fair bit more then I'm used to or would like to.

Had a horrid 1st half of the season, have changed a few things and gone ok in the second, overall a bit disappointing, but notice that not training has a stronger effect on my batting than my bowling.
Haven't come remotely close to a ton, having only passed 50 once in a T20.
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Re: 2018 Goals/Aims
« Reply #77 on: September 11, 2018, 12:37:01 PM »

We ended up being relegated and the pain in my spinning finger meant I basically didn't bowl at all all year but concentrating a bit more on my batting paid off, even if I under performed if I look back at my dismissals this season.

This is my 3rd season since coming back to cricket:

2016: 9 innings, 74 runs @ 9.25 with a top score of 22
2017: 14 innings, 142 runs @ 10.92 with a top score of 32
2018: 10 innings, 201 runs @ 22.33 with a top score of 54 (My first ever fifty and I've gone from scoring 4-5% of the teams runs to 11+% this season. It doesn't seem like much but it's pretty good for someone that never bothered paying attention to his batting before.)

I had hoped to get two fifties this season but the season is over, I'll have to try and get into a couple of the remaining Sunday games to try and get to that goal.

Next season I need to work on being more selfish and not worrying so much about run rates and targets and just focus on converting 20 and 30s into 50s, 60s , 70s etc.

Ended up getting a game for our WCL 2nd XI (I'm normally in the 3rd/4ths). Came in at 8, scored 41 as we were bowled out for 126. I forgot my aims for the year otherwise I'd have nurdled it around for a few overs and made sure I got my half century, what a wally!

Have to hope we are short of players again this Saturday as that'll be my last chance to get some runs this year.
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