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Your Top 3 Cricket Tea Items!

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Neon Cricket:
Right chaps, being as it's a slow Friday and I've volunteered to take on tea duty tomorrow I thought I'd start a light-hearted thread on the only actually important thing in cricket - the teas.

As the title suggest, your top 3 items found on a cricket tea... (yes, I'm looking for inspiration!)

Cant go wrong with a bit of home made cake (as long as its not dry) but I think as long as there is variety everyone is happy.

What about doing a curry?  something mild for you, something explosively hot for the away team :)

Worst thing ive ever had as part of a tea is white bread with a dollop of hundreds&thousands on top. Pathetic effort for a pudding!


Err cake

Spanish onions chopped and soaked in vinegar served in a dish
Fresh lettuce leaves
Fresh tomatoes

chicken tikka sandwich
Pork pie / sausage roll
Cake / flapjack depending on the selection


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