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Author Topic: Are you determined?  (Read 865 times)

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Are you determined?
« on: December 12, 2008, 06:18:28 PM »

I heard a story the other week, I have no idea if its true or not but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

A team were playing at an away ground with a huge slope down to deep midwicket - so deep you couldnt see down it, the captain sent a player off to go and field down there. The fielder was obviously dissapointed to be placed in such a rubbish place but he respected his captain so he stayed there!
Time passed and the player got very bored but he didnt move he carried out his duty. Finally he hear cries of "catch it" he looked up and the ball was hurtling towards him out of the sky, he knew this was his moment to change the game... he took the catch and ran up the slope and into the arms of 11 men who he had never seen before.
(His team was now batting!)

Now I doubt this is true but funny story never the less!

How determined are you when you play?

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