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« on: May 17, 2008, 08:43:19 AM »

Get to know your fellow members and how cricket is played in other countries!
Each month a member will be selected to be interviewed by me (You can decline if you want)

First up is UKKIWI: (questions have been emailed and he has agreed to answer)<u>

Hello UKkiwi good to have you on board!

What made you join our forum?
you told me to:P

Where in the world do you play cricket?
I last played in new zealand 2005, and been playing in the UK (middlesex london) since then

What type of cricketer are you?
Mostly a weekend warrior, but at one stage i was reasonably serious about it, went thru professional coaching etc, i bowl (right arm offies, med pace seam bowling), bat (1,2,3,4), and field (cover or extra cover)

Best shot?
Front foot on drive and back foot punch pass the bowler

You have lived in New Zealand and England is there enough being done to promote kids cricket
I am not familiar with the English scene, but back home, there were heaps of kiwi-kwikit things happening, a load of lil kids playing 10-20 over games early sat/sun mornings with their plastic bats and stumps on a mowed strip of grass in the park with their dad as umpires, and promising players of course are spotted by club officials. We must be doing ok cuz for a small country like NZ with roughly 100,000 registered players we are competent in world stage.
Is cricket a big sport in New Zealand?
No it isnt, in New Zealand, rugby takes presidency over everything, if you cant make it in rugby you play rugby league, and if you cant make it in the league you play cricket, and if you suck at cricket you play football Smile

Are there any main differences in club cricket in UK and NZ
Yes, the tea is way nicer here in England Smile we all sit down and have it in a civilised manner, whereas back home we grab a pasty with a can of coke and chill on the grass:) We tend to stick with the same XI week in week out bar injuries/leaves, i like that better back home as it promotes team unity, over here they tend to drop you if you have 2 back to back bad scores.

Finally,How are the Kiwis going to cope against England?
If you asked me this 6 months ago when Bond was fit and team selection was sane, then id say we would kick English's asses anyday, but lately we seem to be picking batsmen who wont and cant bat long innings, cant cope with short balls, and of course Bond is injured again. It will boiled down to Vetorri and Panesar I think. At the mo I think the odds are stacked against the Kiwis, especially after their poor tour in SA.
Thanks for answering!
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