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Decided to order some Ihsan kit and bats to see what they have to offer, not tried them before although have seen a couple in the flesh and they were great. This one is 2lb 9oz - 2lb 10oz and picks up really well and as a very nice shape but not massive in terms of profile but still in my opinion a very impressive bat to say the least. No problems with the handle from what i can see they look and feel very very good and look to be a superb brand and the softs are impressive also.

Ihsan Lynx or CA TRD? Which would you prefer?

Well ive not actually used either so i cant say which one will perform best as thats what its about but the TRD i have is special.

what bat you using tomorrow rich the  trusty???

Yip as none of my others apart from the GM LE are ready to use.


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