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Hello, what do you guys know about Kay Gee sports (KG)

this has appeared on my doorstep and I know nothing about the firm.

they like a bit of concaving!

One of our ex overseas used to use a KG bat. Didnt think too highly of the bat itself but he scored lots of runs with it. Its an Indian firm.


Russel Arnold used them in the past

Lucky you, free bat :)


--- Quote from: fletcheruk on November 15, 2012, 04:22:36 PM ---Lucky you, free bat :)

--- End quote ---

not quite, a palm was crossed with silver.

it does have a lovely oval handle which is unusual for an Indian bat, in my (limited) experience.
I am pleasantly surprised by the bat, good finishing and a serious middle. Terrible stickers mind... am in the process of removing them and cleaning it up.

but hear is a hint of the edge size


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