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Not sure if you guys have seen it. The audio is in Urdu and Punjabi mainly with English being chipped in here and there.

Worth a watch;

My tour of Ihsan Factory

Do ask me if anyone wants to know anything specific, would translate it for you.

That blue shirt chap has been podshaver for past 40 years!

Now that's a lot of willow! It seems almost like a cottage industry setup compared to companies like GM, SG etc - stuff everywhere you look, and in no particular order.

Thanks for sharing Uzair

No worries; some (in fact most!) are tape ball willows and then you also have Kashmiri willow. Ones right in beginning are tapeball willows.

You know you need a bigger workshop/factory when your stacking willow on the roof....
Very interesting video uzair thanks for sharing.

good video.

The very first guy (1:29) is making English willow bats and has been a bat maker for 40 years.
Ihsan owner says Grade 1 cleft is 60 pounds.


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