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Author Topic: Objective Pick Up Index  (Read 410 times)

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Objective Pick Up Index
« on: July 03, 2013, 05:10:54 AM »

Is there such a machine?

We all know how important the pickup and feel of a bat is in our hand but what may feel like a 2'8" to me might feel 2'10" to you. From my understanding the pickup is the result of where the Willow has been distributed, if its mostly towards the toe the the pickup will feel heavy etc. I have a relatively simple idea for a setup to quantify pickup, bearing in mind my knowledge of physic is next to zero so the more educated of you might be able let me know if this would work.

I am picking the pivot/fulcrum point on the bat to be the point on the handle where the thumb side of the top hand finishes, say this is 15cm from the top of the handle. The bat handle is placed onto a dowel at that point. You will also need some weigh scales fixed in place and upside down in a position so that they sit above the end of the bat handle. When the bat is released it will pivot on the dowel pushing the end of the handle up and onto the scales.

The resulting force/weight on the scales would be that bats Pick Up weight. If my theory is correct, if two bats have the same dead weight say 2'10" but bat (a) is bottom heavy and bat (b) is more of a high middle, then bat (a) would return a higher/heavier Pick Up Weight from weight being further from the pivot/fulcrum.

For comparison sakes bat manufacturers they could go as far as having an index bat made at each of the common weights, this bat would be just a flat two sided bat with no shaping so that the willow is evenly distributed throughout the bats entire length.

Where I see this as a real benefit would be for online sales, where a retailer could list the Pick Up weight over a range of bats of the same dead weight.

I know that their will be a number of short comings with this but does the theory stack up?

If you have read this then thank you, if you have understood what I'm saying that's possibly a minor miracle, if would like to share your thoughts that would be great.



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Re: Objective Pick Up Index
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 05:20:49 AM »

Except that willow is a natural material and is not a consistent density throughout. GM already offer something like this with their pick up index, but even then, people sense the same index number differently.

The other thing to take into account is the handle, the shape of which can greatly affect your sense of the pick up off the bat.

Some of the bat offs we have done have resulted in wildly differing views on whether a bat picks up well, and on a bat with unknown weight, the estimates of weight based on pick up varied by around 10%.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea but I'm not sure it would achieve what you want.

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