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Author Topic: Kieron - From Bulldog Cricket  (Read 10715 times)

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Kieron - From Bulldog Cricket
« on: May 17, 2008, 08:42:26 AM »

Take your time mate don't want to distract you from your bat
What made you join our forum?

Well i heard all about this forum via another
forum. Once i had signed up Leo asked if i would like to do an interview, so
here i am. My name is Kieron Boucher and i'm the owner of Bulldog Cricket based
in Somerset.
in the world do you play cricket? What's the quality like?

I play my cricket for Ilminster town in the West
of England Premier League. We have just been promoted to Prem 1 so the standard
next year is going to be as good as it gets. Most sides have current and ex pros
as well as a quality overseas player so it is going to be tough. We have ex
Somerset wicket keeper batsman Sam Spurway as well as a number of ex pros.

type of cricketer are you?

I'm an alrounder. I open the batting and bowl
medium pace (used to be fairly quick but im 37 now ) in

Proudest Cricketing Moment?

I have scored the fastest 100 at the County ground in Taunton off just 43
balls including 12 sixes. This was in a 20/20 cup final. If you google Kieron
Boucher you can read all about it. It was against Taunton and we were chasing
170 odd and got them with 2 overs to spare.

Also took 9 for 18 a couple of seasons ago including 5 in 5 balls and 7 in 10
!!! not bad for an old un.

Admin : Heres the article guys thats amazing!
How could cricket be improved in this country?

Better coaching. We need to pay coaches more so that it encourages ex pros to
move into it once they have retired.

Better facilities at state schools

Describe your
brand/company and its aims and how you broke into cricket market?

We think Bulldog is a bit different to anything else on the market. The
branding is striking and catches the eye. We think it appeals to both the young
and old. Behind the image though is a quality handmade cricket bat, which is
obviously essential.

We aim to be the next big thing in cricket (got to think big)

A friend and i had the idea about a year ago and its spiralled from there. It
has already become much bigger than we first imagined.

How did you get into bat making? Who trained you? Any advice for
young bat makers?

I'm self taught to be honest. I did an apprenticeship with Westland
Helicopters in Yeovil, where i trained as a machinist, so i am a skilled man by
trade. From there i have spent a small amount of time with various bat makers in
the Somerset area

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

Who knows !! if it keeps growing at the current rate then i don't know !!! I
think we now need to consolidate for the rest of 2008 and go from there. We are
keen to sign a couple of up and coming players to Bulldog to help our brand
grow. If anyone wishes to be considered for sponsorship then please contact

Thanks for answering!

No problem. Thanks for asking me to take part and i look forward to many an
hour taking part in the forum

All the best

Bulldog Cricket
Top Scores: 171,112,100,99,86*,74*  Best Bowling: 5/18

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