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Author Topic: Tour to Amsterdam long weekend 27-29 August Bank HOliday weekend  (Read 1374 times)

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anybody fancy 3 days of cricket and party in Amsterdam over bank holiday long weekend?

Amsterdam LMS open to all.. so far 15 teams coming over...

LMS AmsterdamOpen - 3 days of cricket on 3 fields with at least 15 touring teams:
on the way to qualify for LMS World Champs in Cape Town Dec 2017

LMS World Champs at Lords 2013:

World Champs Barbados 2015:

Last Man Stands 8-a-side T20 cricket has enjoyed a great first year in Amsterdam, with 7 teams and over 140 players playing throughout the summer. Last Man Stands (LMS) enables people to re-engage or start up cricket, in a social but competitive environment.

LMS provides the ground, umpire, ball, scorer and even help you out with some cricket kit if required. Every player enjoys the opportunity to feel like a professional as well, with all players getting an online profile that records all their stats and world rankings for batting, bowling, strike rate and lots of other areas.

The 2-hour game format enables people to be able to play on a weeknight and not have to dash away from work early or give up an entire weekend.  8 players per team also means everyone is more likely to get to bat or bowl, with a minimum of 5 bowlers required and the last man being able to bat by himself, hence the Last Man Stands! With over 3,000 teams in 11 countries LMS is helping bring people, who normally wouldnt have the time, back into the game.

As part of the LMS Race to Cape Town for the 2017 World Championships, the inaugural Amsterdam Open is being held on August 27-29, 2016  with teams from The Netherlands, U.K., U.A.E, South Africa and Australia converging on Qui Vive Cricket Club, Amsterdam in an attempt to win the qualification points on offer and book their place in Cape Town.

27-29 Aug at QVCC - AMSTERDAM OPEN 15 teams from UK, South Africa, Abu Dhabi and India have shown interest to come to QVCC to play LMS

A link to the upcoming LMS Amsterdam Open.

With team names like; Damsko Dabangs, Amsterdam Sunrisers, XXX-Pat 8's, NW Fighters, Dutch Daredevils, Roost up Beis, Dagwood Dogs all look to finish the summer strong. While the league is always looking for extra players and Umpires during the summer and for the Amsterdam Open Tournament at the end of August.

For more information on LMS, or to find out how to get involved in the local Amsterdam league or the Amsterdam Open, contact Simon Melberzs at or visit

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