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Author Topic: Sledging? Is it ever ok?  (Read 5795 times)

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Re: Sledging? Is it ever ok?
« Reply #30 on: March 30, 2018, 03:17:06 AM »

Ramsey want to get you engulfed in their relentless hurricane of noise, its easy to get swallowed up by it, and i have on many occasions. I'll give them credit they are exceptional are creating a hostile atmosphere. It is easy to do in short bursts, but they keep it up for an entire innings. I agree sometimes they go too far with personal abuse.

If you guts it out and come out the other side they are the first to say well done and share a beer in the bar. Its an approach i didn't used to like, i'd prefer someone who calls me a c**t to remain horrible on and off the field, as least i knew where i stood. I dont mind it so much now and perhaps as years have gone on things have eased somewhat, we seem to be one of the few teams that Ramsey actually like :)

The thing for me is, they would never, ever, have the guts to create that same hostile atmosphere if they were playing a contact sport like rugby or American football because they know they'd get smacked in the mouth for carrying on like that.

People who put on that kind of act on a cricket field aren't scary, hostile or intimidating like they think they are, it's an act of cowardice somewhat akin to bullying.
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