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Author Topic: The Before/After Refurb thread.  (Read 5976 times)

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Re: The Before/After Refurb thread.
« Reply #75 on: May 14, 2019, 09:34:30 PM »

Does anyone have any tips for sanding inside the scoops of a GN E41? I'm trying to refurb one at the moment and I'm trying to get rid of the rich mahogany look which is doubtless the result of age and excessive oiling (because more is better right?) but I cannot seem to get rid of the dark patches in the scoops due to the shape. The remainder of the bat looks quite good, but the scoops are refusing to lose their tan.
I've tried using a flap wheel, sand paper, acetone, more sand paper and a scotch brite pad on a grinder but with little success. The scoops are quite deep and have very steep sides unlike a single or twin scoop so it's very difficult to get at them with a powered sander of any kind.
I'm thinking about painting them gloss black instead.
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