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Author Topic: One hit and gone  (Read 2028 times)

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Re: One hit and gone
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2018, 04:58:03 PM »

But how often do you get hit? I've been hit on the head once in my life, 2 seasons ago. I don't play as much as many others but honestly, if I was getting hit regularly I'd be rethinking my participation - good lid or not.
Not very often. Badly enough to write a helmet off? Probably twice ever, one of which I wasn't wearing a lid. It's definitely a chance event rather than a constant danger (in my view anyway).

That said, the problem isn't about getting dinged on the head all the time though - it's that helmets are effectively one-use items. I've previously bought a new one and only got a handful of games out of it before getting sconned by a ball that hit a crack in nets. Wasn't mega fussed because it didn't cost me too much to replace and did its' job well, but if it was 150+ I'd have been pretty ticked off! Sort of similar to buying a storm damaged bat - could last you years, could be one net and you're out of pocket.
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