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Author Topic: New way to deal with thin handles???  (Read 855 times)

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Re: New way to deal with thin handles???
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2018, 12:24:03 PM »

Nice thread , nice job.
I take the twine off my bats and replace with medical tape and leave the bottom inch or so of binding (to achieve something similar to oz gn process). I only do this because my arthritic hands needs very thin handles .
If i could cope with thicker handles i would wqnt double binding on my handles . I think it can firm up the handle and help transfer more power through to the ball on impact .
On a side note , if anyone wants to thicken/strengthen  their handles but dont want to /can't  add an extra layer of binding , then medical tape over the binding may be a worthwhile option .

@Biggie Smalls cheers, sorry to hear about the arthritic hands. :( But medical tape is a good option too, you can wrap it real tight. Thing I've heard about binding is that not only does it help tighten the handle, but when glue is applied, the binding tightens that little bit more. (Could be a myth, but I definitely read that somewhere!)

Cracking job!!

And that laver is stunning

Thanks @Northern monkey, the Laver is indeed stunning, and part of me wished I went for it, but at 450, would have been a bit overkill haha. Gorgeous grains, and also the gold stickers do go well with the willow tone and grain definition.

Great work @Chad nice little demo for those who might wish to thicken things up 👍

Cheers! Might pop up a video for those who don't bind enough bats to invest on a lathe. I've bound maybe 4 bats in total, but 3 of them recently. Makes me wish I had a lathe, but it's quite therapeutic doing it by hand. Does cause back ache, but worth the results - Improved feel and pickup cannot be understated! I just subtract the extra 45 mins from the knocking process. ;)

Ever easy binding by hand but that's a neat job 45 mins for hand binding is about right.
Also as well as what you have written double binding  will  help reduce any vibration through the handle which is common with bats from Asia.

Cheers Alan, it's 45 minutes of hand cramp and glue'd up fingers, but worth it in the long run. Didn't realise it would help reduce vibration, but I guess it acts as a bit of a shock absorber as well as reducing the amount of movement in the handle. The shocking thing is a LOT of bats from Asia don't have their binding glued post bind. I find SS big culprits in this area, but I do have a soft spot for them...

Been doing this for years, and completely agree with your logic. A few potential tips that you may want to consider for next time:

1. use gloves (even cheap plastic ones) to prevent blisters
2. buy extra thick twine - i usually need 3 grips, so getting extra thick twine really helps.

you'll get faster and more efficient each time you do this

Definitely feels like I'm going at a slightly quicker rate, just did up my TON Reserve. Got a TON Players coming in that I'll probably look to bind too! Luckily I'm not a 3 grip guy, normally only use 1, I like to really feel the ball off the bat, just so I know if I've hit correctly or not. (Also seem to have done best with single grip) Thanks for the tips @brokenbat!

Great thread @Chad

I've just done this on my bat too. Double bound and double gripped to finally get some decent thickness in it. Why oh why do brands struggle to make decent handles like GM?*

* I know why but it is still frustrating to struggle to find decent thickness handles

Agreed @DorsetDan, super frustrating, feels like I'm holding a twig at times! I know double binding should help increase the strength of the handle, but would rather they put a thicker handle in it in the first place! Yes, all of the companies you mentioned plus the likes of Hunts and others do make a nice sized handle.

Which is better/ recommended twin thread or that cotton tape?

Cotton tape looks to be easy and mess free.

I'll be honest with you, did not know that cotton tape was used before. Could be well worth looking into if it makes the process easier! Something about twine binding though haha, maybe it's just what I'm used to! There's one bat in my collection without twine, and that's my Kaboom. It does feel rather odd, but has about an inch of binding at the bottom of the handle just to strengthen the join. Perhaps with all the restrictions on bat sizes now, more research will go into handles and types of binding that aid performance etc?
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