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Walking past a martial arts store near my office today and noticed that they had a few bats inside so thought I'd pop in for a look.

The owner is Pakistani and he stocked a range of Ihsan and BS bats.

The higher end X1 he had looked a beauty but at $450AU for a brand I know nothing about I wasn't keen.

Picked up a nice looking X5 for $190 though to fool around with in the nets.

Info on Pakistani bats is quite light on though. Can anyone shed any light on the brand in general? They certainly looked like nice bats but I'm interested in people's experience with the bats in general.


I haven't used their bats but will associate Ihsan with good quality stuff. They used to be one of the top companies from Pakistan, arguably comparable to CA. But this was many many years ago

They are nice bats. XPRO is the top model.

Havent had good experience with ihsan. The 2 bats i owned had the life pressed out of them and very poor vibraty handles

There was a stage about 5/6 years ago when a lot of the Pakistani international players were using Ihsan bats, Misbah, Azhar and hafeez. but they have seemed to disappeared since, but as Ozcfa mentioned they are one of the better quality brands from Pakistan with legends like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram endorsing them at some stage during their career.


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