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Author Topic: Duncan Fearnley Magnum Supreme  (Read 1344 times)

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Duncan Fearnley Magnum Supreme
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:10:24 PM »

A quick review of an old bat I picked up used recently after a few hours in the nets. Heres a couple of pics:

It weighs 2.10 with maybe 6 grains. Theres a nice amount of flex in the splice and the face looks used beneath the scuff sheet but holds together well. Interestingly there is a sizeable chunk sanded out of the back of the bat roughly level with the splice. Who knows why, but it picks up very well and is a treat to swing about. Something about these old style bats.

Anyway, I used two strips or bike handlebar tape to ovalise the lower handle and put a second grip on top. Feels nice in the hands, the oval in particular helping with the feel, and I was pleasantly surprised at nets. Im not a big hitter but it was great for maneuvering fast balls around a quite piercing crack sound unlike the deep thud from some newer bats, but no vibration in the hand. And the ball flew off.

All this is because me and my brother have fought over my dads old V12 for the past few games. Safe to say weve found a nice replacement for the style of bat we like.

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